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SINCE 2000

For more than 20 years, Solución has been finding the right people for employers and the right jobs for job seekers.


Deeply experienced in resource management and plant operations, Solución is a highly effective recruitment company, providing client-specific labor management solutions structured to accommodate a wide array of industry demands.

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ABOUT Solución

For over 20 years, Solución has provided staffing, value-add, and performance labor solutions to a selection of industries, with exacting demands for performance improvement.

Solución is privately owned by a member-directed investment group that includes members of the senior leadership team. Solución is comprised of recruiting, human resource, and operations experts who have occupied the same seat as many of our clients. Whether it be cost containment, process improvement, throughput management, on-time delivery, or other operations necessities, the Solución team understands that qualified labor resources are necessary to fulfill our clients’ demands. Providing associates through these lenses allows Solución to be one of the top recruitment companies around as well as a single-source provider with the capabilities and mindset to Make Your Work Happen.

Job Placement Agencies in Charlotte

Simply put, Solución strives to be one of the top recruitment companies, temp services provider, and job placement agencies by executing its commitments. In a challenging labor market, nuanced approaches, non-traditional recruiting methods, and new labor market segments must all be considered to deliver a high-quality product to customers. Recognizing that without high-level execution, we are no better than any competitor. Solución’s commitment is to serve your business with the highest degree of integrity, engagement, and concern within the limits of our resources.

Guiding Principles

For our customers, we will strive to provide superlative value-added resources and managed staffing services with the highest regard for integrity, customer service and value. We will make every effort to be the job placement agency and recruitment supplier of choice.

For our employees, Solución leadership pledges to provide a safe and beneficial work environment. Though the nature of our recruitment company is variable, through additional client engagements, we intend to provide continuing employment and growth opportunities.